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There are three types of garage door openers available for use today.

These types of garage door openers are chain drive openers, belt drive openers and screw drive openers. Each of the different garage door openers has a special use and their own maintenance needs to consider. Garage Door Openers Conroe will be able to install, maintain and repair all types of garage door openers.Garage Door Openers

Each type of garage door openers has pros and cons that need to be considered by the homeowner before purchasing. Garage Door Openers Conroe can help customers make the best decision for them:

*   Chain drive openers are the most common type of garage door opener and they have been on the market the longest. This style of garage door opener uses a chain to open and close the garage door. Chain garage door openers not as expensive to own and maintain as some of the other options but they do have more maintenance concerns. For example, the chain in the machine could break, become jammed, fall off track or need additional lubrication.

*   Belt drive openers are quieter than chain drives because use a rubber belt to open and close the garage door. Because of the belt instead of a chain they are slightly more expensive than a chain drive but they don’t have as many maintenance issues. The belt could break or fall off of the track.

*   Screw drive garage door openers have the least maintenance but they are not suitable for all environments. They operate using a lifter on a threaded steel rod that is located above the garage door. There are fewer parts so there is not as much maintenance. However, they are better suited for areas with a constant climate so areas with extreme hot or cold and varying levels of precipitation are not good candidates for this style,

Some of the most popular garage door opener brands that are provided by Garage Door Openers Conroe are:

*   Genie

*   Liftmaster

*   Chamberlain

*   Craftsman

*   Sears

*   Marantec

The repair technicians at this company will be able to repair any issue that arises with the garage door openers. They will be able to service the garage door openers with everything from regular maintenance and repairs to complete rebuilds and replacements when necessary. They can also care for and install garage door remote control entry systems for all makes and styles of garage door openers.

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