Garage Door Maintenance

A little TLC can go a long way, so be sure to get your garage door maintenance done regularly. For more details and assistance, call our skilled team today.

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The Many Benefits

People service their cars and other mechanical items for two main reasons. Firstly, to increase their life span, and secondly, to increase their safety in use. Both these benefits apply to door maintenance as well. We are big supporters of regular check-ups for our client’s doors because of the huge benefits these inspections provide. By regularly giving your system a once over you will find that problems are nipped in the bud as they occur, potentially saving you on much larger problems later on. We visually inspect your door and then apply any necessary lubrication or preventative parts replacement during these check-ups.Garage Door Maintenance

Basic Opener Maintenance

Many times if a door is starting to play up it will be a problem with its opener system. There are a few signs of extra strain being placed on an opener that can be caught early on. One example is the balance of your door. If your door is off balance, then it will eventually cause your opener to malfunction as your opener is not created to endure the stress of opening an unbalanced door. We check for door balance and a few other factors as well as realigning things, if needed, during our opener maintenance.

Lubrication is a big part of Maintenance

It is incredibly important to keep your door well lubricated as this can add years of life to its useful life. For a seamlessly operating system you will need to have lubrication applied regularly. We use high quality greases that will give you lasting smooth door functionality and reduce the scraping of your door’s parts against each other. This part of our maintenance work generally goes very quickly - Now that’s worth it!

Safety Checks are crucial

If your door is not more than 20 years old, then chances are it will have some great safety features built in. These are especially important to have working if you have children or pets around. The two most common types of safety features for stopping a door are mechanical and photocell sensors. We can test both these reverse shut mechanisms to ensure your door will stop closing if something or someone gets in its way.

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